"Cosimac robes are multi-purpose outdoor changing jackets. Inspired by the harsh Irish weather, they are suitable for cold weather activities worldwide. You put on the spacious robe – and stay warm while you change out of any wet gear underneath, whether that’s a wet suit, cycling gear or swimming togs. These gorgeous robes are also carefully designed to be wearable as a super warm coat or jacket, making them the perfect gift for outdoor enthusiasts, So if you’re buying for anyone who loves sea swimming, surfing, dog walking, camping or even doing pitch side warm-ups, look no further."



"A high quality towel robe at a reasonable price. I really appreciated the large pouch pockets to warm my hands up after
a cold swim and the length meant I felt well covered throughout
changing. The microfibre material is convenient – drying time is much
quicker than a traditional towel and much less bulky too."

"Someone on Cosimac’s marketing team had their head screwed on right when they came up with the brand name - this changing robe really is incredibly cosy. It’s lined in a super soft faux shearling fleece, the robe is longer than most on the market, the fleece-lined hood is ginormous, plus there’s a dedicated hot water bottle pocket (why don’t all coats come with that?). Despite all these toasty extras it’s surprisingly lightweight, which is even more impressive when you consider the exterior is tough and weatherproof. There are zipped pockets inside and out, and did we mention it comes in leopard print?"

"Cosimac's long-sleeved change robe is waterproof and weatherproof and comes with one of the cosiest fleece linings we’ve tried. The huge, fleece-lined hood also adds to the luxurious finish of this quality design. It has a surprisingly lightweight feel considering how tough and protective its outer shell is, which is designed to shield you from the wind and rain while keeping you warm and protected. Its spacious design is noticeably longer than your standard change robe and it also puffs out nicely to make it easy for you to get changed discreetly inside. If you’re feeling fierce in the fashion stakes, also check out the leopard print Cosimac change robe, which will have heads turning all over the coastline"

"What we instantly noticed when putting on the robe is how light it is, while still managing to make us feel suitably protected and comfy with a very soft fleece-lined interior. The robe comes with long sleeves for warmth, and we found it did well at soaking up the water and keeping us comfortable after we had changed. Its very large fleece-lined hood also kept us cozy and our faces well hidden from the elements.

We liked how the interior “hot water bottle” pocket was positioned halfway down the robe, instead of at the bottom, which gave the design a good sense of balance. There is also an interior zipped pocket with an opening for headphone cords. Its long sleeves come with Velcro straps that can be adjusted, while there are two fleece-lined zipped pockets on the exterior for convenience. Cosimac also sells a kids’ robe, in a more sober black finish with an “Ocean Blue” interior, designed for those that are 4'2" and under."