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The Wandering Selkie

Hi, my name is Helen, I really love the Cosimac Brand and particularly my leopard print robe and towel robes. I use my Cosimac Changing Robe all the time, for swims, out for walks along the beach, nipping tothe shops, when I’m visiting vulnerable friends/ family, so i'm sitting outside in gardens to see them. My towel robe has been a total game changer for getting dry and dressed quickly after a swim. Useful all year round! And also I love how fun the leopard print robe is. Always brightens my mood! It’s brilliant to have a coat that is so waterproof, windproof, warm and oversized to keep cosy in winter whatever the weather. Because of its size, there’s always room for my little niece or nephew when they need a snuggle for warmth.

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